Receive $1,000 in Mfg. Grocery Coupons

GROCERY WAVE'S "Coupon Like MAD" program provides you access to $1,000 in grocery coupons! You select the coupons YOU need, WHEN you need them. Your coupons are clipped FOR just watch the mailbox for them to arrive.

Everyone loves saving money! And we all know you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on your groceries by using coupons.

HOW DOES IT WORK?Normally this company charges $99.95 for an annual membership. The company we work with has negotiated for us to purchase and sell Retail Vouchers for just $20 that gives access to this Coupon Clipping Service. That's Right! $1,000 in grocery coupons, and one year to use them for Only $20.

1. Purchase the voucher, SET-UP- Using the unique code on your coupon booklet, go online & set up your free user account.

2. SHOP - Browse hundreds of coupons, and add the coupons you need to your cart.

3. CHECK OUT - You only pay 10% of the value of the coupons for processing + 75 cents shipping! ($20 in coupons = $2.75)

4. You will be reimbursed for the 10% processing fee and $ .75 shipping with extra coupons from your selections to cover your small investment.

5. Your coupon selections are mailed to you (usually within 8 hours) and should be to you within just a few business days.

6. Your unique authorization code is valid from one year, or $1,000 in grocery coupons (of your choice), whichever occurs first. And...because these coupons are compiled Nationwide, you'll have access to savings that you cannot get just by couponing in your own local market!


How would you like to be paid up to $2,500* PER MONTH or more for helping get the word out by using one of our various marketing methods and helping your friends do the same?

Advertisers can be: Mobile Ad Displayers (Decal on Auto), Yard Sign Advertisers, or Brochure Promoters.

Active Company Advertisers can purchase (4) four $1,000 Grocery Vouchers for only $40 and qualify for monthly 40 CV to receive all qualified commissions. FOR WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT THE PERSON THAT GAVE YOU THIS WEBSITE ADDRESS.

* All commissions paid are based on sales of company products & services. Your income potential is based on your own efforts and is not guaranteed.


Because of the special price our company has negotiated, we are able to Donate $5.00 for every voucher purchased toward your specific fundraiser. And..Who in the world couldn't use $1,000 of coupon savings (for only $20) Especially if they did not have to do the work to get them. No standing at a carwash fundraiser all day. Contact the person that referred you to this site for more information.